thumbnail (21)When an oil tank leaks, it becomes an environmental hazard and any affected soil needs to be excavated, loaded into transportation containers and disposed of at a certified disposal facility.

thumbnail (6)thumbnail (5)Removal of contaminated soil must be done by a licensed environmental company like Envirostar. There are very specific equipment, licensing and testing requirements that must be followed. The contaminated soil can not be dumped just anywhere because that would simply be moving the environmental hazard to a different location. Transportation to a certified disposal facility ensures that the soil will be processed in an environmentally sound way to remove the contamination. The entire process must be carefully documented and manifested to meet local, state and federal requirements.

After all of the contaminated soil is removed from the property, we replace that soil with “clean” fill. The old soil does not go back in the ground. The area is then re-graded, covered with straw and re-seeded.